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Opiki was built on 20 years of creating business solutions for clients across Australia and NZ.

We believe the best results come from putting the very best people into a great work environment.

  • Only $100/hr + GST
  • leading in class solutions
  • gains in productivity
  • increased sales
  • responsive customer experience

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Zoho is a truly unique and comprehensive software suite with an incredible value for money offering.

Every business is unique.   Opiki combines Zoho with custom software, business expertise, and out-of-the-box thinking. We will help you transform your business to reach its highest potential.

Optimise your business operations, and your customer and supplier relationships. Maximise revenue from your existing and prospective client base.

A partnership with Opiki can give you a competitive advantage and an increase in productivity, efficiency and value.



With targeted and bespoke solution and services, suited to your business and your business only, our team of experts will help you stand out by combining creativity, out of the box thinking, and unparalleled business expertise, optimising systems and processes for increased productivity, efficiency, and increased revenue.


Our Zoho Certified Consultants will be on your side every step of the way, ensuring that you are fully equipped with the tools to maximise the potential of your organisation, including bespoke software designed just for you.


We believe in taking the time to understand your exact needs, giving you personalised solutions suited to your needs and ensuring that you are maximising the features and capabilities offered by Zoho system.

Support & Training

With ongoing support and training, designed to your unique requirements, using specialised videos and manuals, we will ensure that your staff is empowered to fully utilise Zoho to its full potential.

business automation


  • Opiki can provide a large number of ready to go integrations
  • We will build an entirely new integration if an existing one is not available
  • Integrations can be done with bespoke systems and websites even if no API is available

Automate your business

Eliminate the likelihood of human error with automation of routine tasks. With just a click of a button, daily tasks are performed faster, and more accurately, giving you more time to focus on more complex issues or decisions.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM provides a robust set of capabilities for tracking customer interactions, automating workflows, increasing sales efficiency, and providing deep insights into customer behaviour.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator enables your organisation to develop apps suited precisely to your needs by allowing you to modify existing solutions or build new apps from scratch, making process optimisation and automation easy.

Full Suite of Business Applications

A full suite of business and industry specific solutions, customised to your business for quick deployment

Custom 3rd Party Applications

Opiki's team have developed a number of solutions to benefit our clients in addition to ongoing custom development to take the Zoho suite of products to the next level.

"OPIKI are fantastic. Their team were highly astute in understanding my business, over delivering on my expectations and initial requirements, with a fully integrated multi-app solution that has taken my business to a totally different level. I've now revised my plans with this new capability, with lower operational costs, scaling my business to higher levels than I dreamed of. Thanks to the team!
Recovery Assist
The Opiki team are very knowledgeable, they really think outside the box, aligning my business requirements with a tailored CRM solution, combined some nice innovation to really help my business. There were no limitations or hesitation on delivering what I needed and more.
Great Guys who could communicate and deliver a solution that I understand, non tech !! The solution takes care of all my business, and invoicing is now effortless so I can spend more time on generating more revenue.