With ongoing support and specialised training, perfectly matched to your organisation’s unique needs, we will ensure that your staff is empowered to utilise Zoho to its full potential.
zoho training

We help you succeed with Zoho today and in the long term.

We help you succeed with Zoho today and in the long term.

We offer personalised Zoho training services to ensure that everyone, from executives to frontline staff, understands the functionality of Zoho. Through our Zoho training services, we aim to ensure that your organisation runs efficiently and everyone has the necessary skills and knowledge to use the system confidently. 

Our training includes practical applications and real-world scenarios so that your staff can be familiar with the platform, its various features and how to use them to create more meaningful experiences for your customers so you can achieve your desired business outcomes. We also provide extensive support after our training sessions, as we want to ensure that all users can get the most out of Zoho and continue to reap its benefits long-term. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to ensure our clients are equipped with the right skills to leverage Zoho’s full potential.

After-sales services

To keep everyone on your team current and proficient with Zoho, our trusted experts are available to give continuous support, technical assistance, individualised training programmes, advice on best practices and system updates.

zoho training
Our approach

Insight. Creativity. Technology.

These three words are the core principles that inspire our team to go above and beyond to deliver innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.


Our concept is to create a personalised approach to our services, so you can be sure you're getting a system adapted to your specific needs.


We build distinctive solutions suited to your requirements, fusing imagination and technology to produce ground-breaking results.


We test everything we develop for you to ensure your Zoho meets the highest quality standards, providing you with the peace of mind that your systems are current, secure, and dependable.

OPIKI are fantastic. Their team were highly astute in understanding my business, over delivering on my expectations and initial requirements, with a fully integrated multi-app solution at has taken my business to a totally different level. I've now revised my plans with this new capability, with lower operational costs, scaling my business to higher levels than i dreamed of. Thanks to team!

Abz Sayour - Ridespot